4 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Everyday Eyes

Sometimes the everyday gets mundane or boring but other times the everyday seems like a part of who you are and is something that you do not ever want to be without.  When you find your perfect everyday eyes you are not going to want to make changes or leave the house without your eye makeup on ever again.

Every woman is going to be a little different in the everyday eyes look that she wants.  When picking out your own every eyes look you must think about how you feel confident and what you want the world to see when you are walking out of your house. For some women this is a look that is very natural and almost nude in colors, for others it is something a little bolder, and still for some it is something that is dark. 

Tip 1. Finding the Perfect Eyeshadow

The perfect everyday eyeshadow is something that every woman needs to have in her make up bag (or make up case for those addicts like myself!!). Here are some tips to find your own perfect eyeshadow.

  • Look for an eyeshadow that you will love wearing day in and day out. A color like Copper Sand is going to be universally flattering on many women and will also look great on you all year long.
  • Look for eyeshadows that are really going to make your eye color pop. Here are some color suggestions that are matched to different eye colors.
    • If you have green eyes then you are going to love Arend, Lilac, Mink, and Dark Rose.
    • If you have blue eyes then you will love Lovely Peach, Banana, Copper Sand, and Dark Orchid.
    • If your eyes are gray it is going to be Vibrant Pink, Bronze, Violet, and Champagne that you fall in love with.
    • If your eyes are brown it is going to be easy to fall in love with Dark Rose, Violet, Under the Sea, and Ocean.
    • If your eyes are hazel you will flip for Arend, Plum, Sage Green, and Teal.

Finding the right eyeshadow is really quite simple when you know what is going to compliment you and look good with your eyes. The idea of using a color that is going to look good with your eyes means that your eye color is going to be more prominent.

Tip 2. Lengthen Those Lashes

Too many women forget how important it is to lengthen their lashes and this leads to eyes that do not get noticed as much. When you have lashes that pop it really makes everyone look at you and notice your beautiful eyes.

Check out these tips to make sure that you pick the right one for you.

  • If you have sensitive eyes that are easily irritated then you will want to grab some Sensitive Eye Mascara. This mascara is still going to lengthen your lashes but it is going to do so without irritating your eyes.
  • For moms and women who are always on the go the Waterproof Mascara is a must. This mascara is also sweat proof so it can help you to take your perfect everyday eyes to the gym. 
  • For any woman who has wished that they had someone else's eyelashes or leaned on false eyelashes in the past, there is the Lash Thickener. This is an amazing product that makes it look like you have put on false eyelashes when really you are just showing off your own.

Mascara is necessary to really make your eyes pop and your lashes look great. It also helps to make you look more awake and brightened.  any women do not realize how amazing mascara truly is. One day for an experiment I wore the exact same make up skipping the mascara as I normally do every day. I was constantly asked if I was sick or not feeling well and I was asked multiple times if I was tired. I could not believe how many people did not realize that I simply was not wearing mascara like I usually do.

Tip 3. To Line or Not to Line

In the past eyeliner was huge but today it is fading out. In fact for many women lining their eyes is not something that they think about or do on a regular basis. For others it is one lasting trend that they have been holding on to that they might need to let go. Ask yourself why you are using eyeliner. Try going without eyeliner and see what happens. Chances are that you are going to choose not to line but if you do choose to line that is fine too. Creating your perfect everyday eyes really has to do with creating a look that you feel beautiful and confident showing off to the world around you.

Tip 4. Clean Up Those Brows

Wild and crazy brows do not look great on anyone. In fact, if you want to get your eyes noticed it is a great idea to make sure that your brows are shaped correctly for framing your eyes. There are a wide range of shapes that brows can be and one of them is going to be perfect for you. Do know before you shape or have your eyebrows shaped the general look that you are going for.  This can save you from some embarrassment and assure that you are going to like the end results.

Having the perfect eyes is something that many women try to achieve and few actually end up with. The sad thing is that this is something that is actually quite simple. It just takes knowing what looks good on you, a little maintenance, and a few steps to ensure that your eyes are looking their best.

Written by Jermaine Joseph of www.glamorouschickscosmetics.com
Jermaine is a blogger for Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics. She holds a Masters in Risk Management and a Bachelors in Marketing. She loves the makeup world and is living her true passion of working in the beauty industry.