Why Odor Control is Important for Your Grow Box

Modern grow boxes often come equipped with carbon filters and other gear for effective filtering and blocking of odors from inside a hydroponic grow box or closed grow space. Are these features important and why should growers invest in odor blocking technology?

Here are some of the reasons why hydroponic manufacturers and retailers include odor blocking features in hydroponic kits and pieces of equipment.

Cohabitation and High-traffic Areas

One of the biggest and most common reasons for odor blocking is that plants and humans have to coexist in home or business spaces.

There's a general philosophy in hydroponics, that sealing off the plant environment from the 'human environment' of a room helps preserve the right conditions for both plants and people. To put this another way, strong aromas coming from a hydroponics garden are often a nuisance. They bother people and animals who may be in the room. That alone is a good reason to invest in odor blocking technology, to make sure that integrated hydroponics doesn't cause problems for use of regular living spaces.

Third-party Access

Here is another reason that odor blocking technologies are useful in hydro gardening.

Odors coming from a grow room can cause people to investigate what's going on inside a box or space. This isn't what most growers want -- they want the plants to grow unbothered until they come in to maintain or harvest them. You don't want other people coming in and going "hmm, what's going on in here?" -- and tampering with hydroponic crops. That's why along with odor blocking, manufacturers use lock and key systems make sure that hydro systems are only accessible by the grower and no one else.


Another aspect of keeping hydroponics separate with odor blocking relates to permission to grow. Sometimes, a grower may not have told everyone in the building that they were going to have plants growing in a space. In this case, growers want stealth systems that will, again, protect plants from prying eyes and help them to harvest them safely. This isn't to say that people should skirt legal boundaries in hydroponics -- but if there are clashes over ownership of a space and what's going to be put in, having odor control may be a type of tool for smoothing over these kinds of conflicts.

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Written by Albert Farajian of www.dealzer.com